Samos is juggling with change (vol.2)

Just a week ago, I wrote an article about how Samos is changing. Interestingly, my title was “Samos is juggling with change“. I certainly didn’t mean Samos should be the juggling ball! What a disastrous misinterpretation…

Friday afternoon, October 30, 2020, a 7 magnitude earthquake shook my island. It found me at the newest part of Karlovassi, my hometown. Rushing outside I could observe no distraction. I was relieved me and my family were well.

As the hours progressed, I learned about the tsunami through the TV and the reports of the first damages. I was shocked. Then the dreadful news came of the two teenagers who lost their lives. Nothing makes me sadder than that.

From that moment on, I am bombarded with bad news. While the buildings that collapsed were mostly old ones, some of them uninhabitable, more and more buildings are declared unsafe for use. Friends and family lose more and more every day. Stories of how people escaped death by mere luck are shocking.

Among this mess, I am trying to continue my life as normal.

Sitting on my desk I only look outside my window. None of the text in front of me is relevant.

A while back I decided to put roots here, back home. With past and future investments in vineyards and a winery, I am excited. But my happiness is now compromised from the chaos around me.

Samos will remain wounded for many years to come. I will try my best to bring new hope to this island I love so much. My goal to become a Master of Wine is now more relevant than ever, but the journey has become many times harder. Concentrated studying may now be a utopia, but not for long.

Samos sunset
Sunset towards Seitani beach, with Ikaria on the background. Photo taken 27 October 2020.

Bringing light to Samos has been my long term goal, and what better time to do it than when the need is the greatest. I always keep my dreams big and aspirations high. Now is not an exception.

In case you wish to help with rebuilding please donate to the official municipal account and don’t fall for a scam.

Thank you for being here.

Until next time,


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